Become a Masterclass organiser

Find out how to set up a Masterclass and become part of our network of organisers.

Local organisers

Local volunteers are pivotal to every Masterclass series. We recommend forming a committee to share the work of organising a series and to ensure sustainability; local universities, schools and industry are valuable partners. 

Setting up a Masterclass series

A series will need:

  • A venue for the Masterclasses
  • Contact with local schools
  • Financial support
  • Administrative support
  • A speaker for each session
  • Adequate support for the students, both in terms of their learning and pastoral care


The Ri provides tailored support to both new and existing groups.  This includes sample materials, access to Masterclass speakers, and guidance on issues such as finding funding. 

We can help you work with local partners to start an organising committee and we offer advice and support on involving schools and local speakers. We also provide Ri branded materials for use within the Masterclass series.

There is an annual conference in June each year where local organisers have the opportunity to meet others and share ideas and experiences.

What organisers say...

  • If you are considering setting up a Masterclass series then go for it! From the initial stages of set up to the final product you get advice and resources to support every stage of the process.

    Secondary Mathematics Masterclass organiser

  • It's vital to help children to recognise the relevance of maths early in their school careers so they can appreciate it and discover the wealth of exciting opportunities that flow from studying it.

    Engineering Masterclass orgainser

  • Masterclasses always encourage me to try new things and to be aware of post-Primary maths awaiting the children I work with.

    Primary Mathematics Masterclass organiser

Find out more...

You can find out about existing provision in your area by looking at our existing networks.  If you would like to learn more about what is involved in organising a Masterclass series and/or would like to help with a local series, please get in touch with the Ri Masterclass team on or 020 7670 2942.

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