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Twitter chat: The future of the LHC

Before our Friday Evening Discourse on 26 September, grapple with some of your LHC-related questions with CERN's Clara Nellist

The Large Hadron Collider
CERN via Flickr

Event description

How has the discovery of the Higgs Boson two years ago affected our understanding of particle physics? What changes to the LHC can we expect to see in the future? And why on earth has it been closed for two years?

The LHC will restart in 2015 with double the collision energy after its two-year break. Join us online to ask CERN's Clara Nellist all your burning questions about the LHC, proton acceleration, what new discoveries the LHC restart could bring, and how this could affect our understanding of the world and Universe.

About the speaker

Clara Nellist is a post-doctoral researcher working on the ATLAS project at CERN. She works on planar pixel sensors for future upgrades of the ATLAS detector and the H->tautau analysis channel.

Clara is also active in science communication, with an aim to encourage more young women to study physics.

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