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Summer School: Byte-sized computing for grown-ups

In this special adult Summer School workshop, participants will explore the ‘dark art’ of computer programming through simple and easy applications.

Learn how to computer program the easy way
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Event description

Computer programs are intrinsic to our world, but writing and understanding a computer program is a ‘dark art’ known to relatively few of us. In this special adult Summer School workshop with David Nutting, participants will explore some simple applications to play with computer graphics, codes, and solve problems using basic computer programs. You will also explore some of the ideas which will now be taught in schools, and how you can keep up with your children. You may even have time to dip into some more powerful programming tools and have a go at programming robots. In this workshop you will be using friendly graphical environments called Scratch and Blockly, as well as a simple but powerful JavaScript tool called Khan Academy.

About the speaker

David Nutting has worked with computers for many years using a wide range of hardware and software and sees the current explosion in variety of computing devices, which are becoming all pervasive, as a great opportunity for anyone to acquire the relevant skills. Computing is highly creative. It’s about getting something to do what you want it to do. Making it behave how you want, often doing things that no-one else has done before. David’s enthusiasm for learning about computers is infectious and he now runs regular activities for pupils of various ages in eight different schools aiming to arouse their curiosity, show them that computing is accessible and get them started on what could be a long and enjoyable path.

Please note

This workshop is strictly for adults (over 18) and is aimed at those with little or no experience of computer programming. Participants will be using freely available programs throughout the workshop. The workshop will include a 45 minute lunch break; participants should bring lunch and a drink. They should also bring pens, pencils and paper, and a USB drive if they wish to take their work home.Refunds can only be issued for tickets cancelled at least one week (seven calendar days) in advance of the event date. Please note that this supersedes our normal event terms and conditions.