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Star Trek: Fact and fiction

Jamie Gallagher, Katie Steckles, Karl Byrne and two mystery Star Trek science guests celebrate 50 years of the iconic show.

Jamie Gallagher sits on the bridge of the Enterprise.
Jamie Gallagher

Event description

It’s been half a century since the original series first aired and the Starship Enterprise beamed into our lives. Now 50 years on join us for a celebration of Star Trek as a panel of scientists, science communicators and star trek fans sort the fact from the fiction of this iconic show.

About the speakers

Jamie Gallagher is an award winning scientist and science communicator. He will be joined by a brilliant and interdisciplinary panel of star trek fans, including medical doctor Harriet Bedell Pearce, science communicator Karl Byrne, neuroscientist Aldo Faisal, mathematician Katie Steckles and biologist and TV presenter Simon Watt.