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The science of everyday life

Join BBC's The One Show resident scientist Marty Jopson for a brilliant tour of household science in this matinee performance.

Marty Jopson

Event description

In this brilliant scientific tour of household science, BBC1 One Show resident scientist, writer and all-round Science Bloke Dr Marty Jopson addresses conundrums such as: What really makes cakes rise? Why do soap bubbles burst? And how you get the quartz out of a clock using a hammer? Answers will be provided, electrical devices dismantled and mess created in the name of science.

Particularly suitable for ages 7+

This is the afternoon performance. There is also an evening show starting at 6pm.


Marty Jopson is a science TV presenter, live show performer, writer and strange prop builder. He is most famous from the BBC's The One Show, on which he has reported on the mathematical formula, Benford’s Law, the origins of the seismograph, the sound mirrors of Denge, the ban on lead in petrol, and the invention of lava lamps.