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From the quantum to the cosmos

Join physicist Geraint Lewis as he explains why two pillars of science are needed to build a universe

The timeline of the Universe
Credit: NASA

Event description

Modern physics is split in two. To explain the large-scale Universe, we talk of the curved and expanding spacetime of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. For the small-scale, we talk about probabilities and uncertainties and the language of quantum mechanics. Whilst these two pillars of physics are both supremely accurate and immensely powerful theories, they are, at heart, incompatible. But to understand the past, present and future history of the universe, we must get these two theories to play nicely together.

In this talk, Geraint Lewis will take you on a journey over eternity, exploring where and how the quantum and the cosmos have worked to shape the universe around us. He will also confront what we are yet to learn, from cosmic dawn to the ultimate twilight, in our quest to understand the Universe.

Event type

This is a livestream event where the speaker and audience come together online. 

About the speaker

Geraint Lewis was born in South Wales and is a Professor of Astrophysics at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, part of the University of Sydney's School of Physics. His research focuses on the 'dark side of the universe', the matter and energy that shapes our cosmos. Geraint is also a teacher, an author, and science communicator.​

As well as two books on cosmology, Geraint has published more than 400 hundred papers in international refereed journals. 


The live stream will go live at 6.55pm, and the introduction will begin at 7.00pm. If you register but miss the live stream, the video will be available to you via the same link for up to a week after the event date.

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