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Future pharma

Join five researchers at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical science and technology for a glimpse at the pharmacy of the future.

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Event description

For centuries we’ve been using chemicals to improve health, but taking pills seems so 20th century. Join five scientists on the cutting-edge of pharmaceutical research and hear about the latest in gene therapy, cancer treatment and more. Get a sneak peek at the drugs of the future. 

About the speakers

Ijeoma Uchegbu is a professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience at UCL. Her research focuses on designing drugs that can cross the blood-brain barrier. She won the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year Award in 2012

Catherine Tuleu is a professor of Paediatric Pharmaceutics at UCL. The main focus of her research concerns drug delivery systems for neonates, infants and children.

Sejal Ranmal is Director of Formulation at Intract Pharma, a science-driven licensing and product development company specialising in gastrointestinal models and state-of-the-art formulation technologies for development of advanced therapeutics.

Stephen Hart is a professor in Molecular Genetics at UCL. His research focuses on developing gene therapies for cardiovascular and respiratory disease, as well as cancer.

Wafa Al-Jamal is a reader in the School of Pharmacy at Queen's University Belfast. Currently, her research focuses on developing smart vectors for delivering a broad range of therapeutic agents, and to fabricate multifunctional nanoparticles to target cancer and other diseases.


The doors will open at approximately 6.30pm, with a prompt start at 7.00pm. There will be time for questions after the talk.

Latecomers will be admitted to the gallery.