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Family Fun Day: Sparks will fly

You may have seen it on TV but now is your chance to make sparks fly at this hands-on event for the whole family!

Workshop sign
Paul Wilkinson / Ri

Event description

The 2014 CHRISTMAS LECTURES were all about taking control of the devices in your life, using what you have and creating something altogether new and exciting. Join the revolution. Learn to hack your home and take control at this Family Fun Day with opportunities to play, create and transform things around you.

Theatre talk 1

Sparks will fly: The light blub moment - Dallas Campbell

After appearing as a hologram in this year's CHRISTMAS LECTURES, we thought it only fair to ask Dallas Campbell back to share with the audience some of his favourite demonstrations from this year's series.

This talk will be given three times throughout the day:

  • 12.15pm
  • 2.00pm
  • 3.30pm

Theatre talk 2

The problematic and playful ways we interact with computers - Sarah Wiseman

There are a whole host of ways that humans interact with computers, but how do designers work out which method is best? Here we’ll look at one seemingly straight-forward task: entering numbers, and look at the possibilities, problems and playful things can be done!

This talk will be given three times throughout the day:

  • 11.30am
  • 1.15pm
  • 2.45pm

Hands-on activities

Bring a smartphone or tablet to try your hand at hacking your phone - simple tricks to get the most out of the technology we carry around with us.

Use jelly to play a computer game, and try your hand at some simple programming (including a nifty trick to let your chickens out in the morning!). 

Challenge our Rubik's cube-solving robot to beat your time in solving this tricky puzzle.

Discover the unusual things that can conduct electricity in 'Silly circuits'.

Paint with light and use LEDs to write in places you never expected.

Please note

Family Fun Day activities are suitable for 6-12 year olds though older and younger siblings and friends are also very welcome.

Entrance for Faraday Members and under 3s is free. Adult Ri Members are entitled to bring two accompanying children free.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.