A fortunate Universe

7.00pm to 8.30pm, Tuesday 17 October

The Theatre

The Royal Institution of Great Britain GB United Kingdom W1S 4BS 21 Albemarle Street London

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Event description

Over the last century, scientists have come to realise that if the universe had been born with even slightly different properties, life would be impossible, and the cosmos would be dead and sterile. So why does our universe appear to be just right for life? Join cosmologists Geraint Lewis and Luke Barnes in a rolling journey though modern science, from the incredibly small to the immensely large, and examine one of the biggest puzzles of them all: namely, why are we here? The answer will, undoubtedly, change our understanding of our place in the universe, or universes!

About the speakers

Geraint Lewis is a professor of astrophysics at the Sydney Institute of Astronomy at the University of Sydney whose research focuses upon the dark side of the universe, the dark matter and dark energy that control the universe.

Luke Barnes is a Templeton Fellow, also at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, unravelling the complexities of the formation and evolution of galaxies.

They both have a keen interest in cosmological fine-tuning, with recent work focused on nuclear reactions at the heart of stars, and how dark energy can shut off the growth of galaxies.

Book signing

Copies of Geraint and Luke's book, A Fortunate Universe, will be available for purchase and signing after the talk.


The doors will open at approximately 6.30pm, with a prompt start at 7.00pm. There will be time for questions after the talk.

Latecomers will be admitted into the gallery.

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