Engineering in 3D (age 16–18)

10.30am to 4.30pm, Tuesday 9 August

The Royal Institution of Great Britain GB United Kingdom W1S 4BS 21 Albemarle Street London

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  • 3D scans of a human head

    Credit: Dale Mahalko
  • Type

    Summer Schools 2016
  • Speakers

    • Kamel Madi and Loic Courtois


Standard £50

Ri Young Members £42.50

Event description

Imaging and visualising structures in 3D is crucial to understanding and reshaping the world in which we live and work. 3D imaging technology is a technology that has aroused a great interest in the past 10 years and made significant impact in our economy and society.

In this session, Kamel Madi and Loic Courtois will transport you to the core of two of the most popular imaging techniques: a visible-light tomography-Lego system to mimic what today's computed tomography (CT) scanners can achieve, and a stereo-vision system to mimic how our eyes sense depth. Students will complete hands-on experiments in groups to collect and reconstruct 3D images to understand this exciting topic.

About the speaker

Kamel Madi and Loic Courtois are doctors in Materials science and engineering and directors of 3Dmagination Ltd. They both share a real passion for 3D imaging and their research work has benefited the glass/energy industry and healthcare economy. They are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists by showing them practical applications of the way science can impact our economy and our society. They regularly enrol in the Engineering Education Scheme (EDT Programme) and organise hands-on practical works in 3D imaging for students of all ages at various outreach events, including the Diamond Light Source open days and Royal Institution Masterclasses.

Please note

This workshop is strictly for 16–18 year-olds and will include a 45 minute unsupervised lunch break. Students should bring lunch and a drink, pens, pencils and a USB drive if they wish to take their work home.

This workshop is based on an Ri Engineering Science Masterclass. Students who have attended a Masterclass series which included a session on a similar topic may have already seen some of the content in this workshop. Please contact us on with any questions.

Refunds can only be issued for tickets cancelled at least two weeks (14 calendar days) in advance of the event date. Please note that this supersedes our normal event terms and conditions.

Financial assistance

The Potential Trust may be able to offer financial assistance to enable children to participate in Summer Schools if this would otherwise be difficult.

Please contact Anna Comino-James preferably on 01844 351666 or via email at for more information.


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