The invisible night sky

6.00pm to 7.15pm, Thursday 14 April

The Theatre

The Royal Institution of Great Britain GB United Kingdom W1S 4BS 21 Albemarle Street London

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Event description

Gazing at the night sky with our eyes or telescopes reveals twinkling stars and far away galaxies. But visible light is only a small part of what some of these objects are emitting. Join astrophysicist Jen Gupta to discover views of the Universe at other wavelengths, from familiar objects like our Sun to weird and wonderful distant quasars, and learn some of the physics behind these views.

Particularly suited to ages 11+ but all ages are welcome.


Jen Gupta is an astrophysicist who loves to talk about how awesome space is with anyone who will listen! she is currently based in the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth where she is the SEPnet/Ogden Physics Outreach Officer. She also occasionally works at the Winchester Science Centre as a Planetarium Presenter. In her spare time she help to organise the Winchester Science Festival.

Jen did her PhD at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Professor Ian Browne. Her research looked at active galactic nuclei (AGN) – galaxies that are emitting far more energy from their centres than can be accounted for by their stars. In particular she focused on a subset of AGN called blazars.


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