Resisting temptation- the biology of appetite (Friday Evening Discourse)

7.50pm to 9.15pm, Friday 30 May

The Theatre

The Royal Institution of Great Britain GB United Kingdom W1S 4BS 21 Albemarle Street London

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Event description

Almost two thirds of adults in the UK are classed as overweight or obese, but why is it that some people seem to struggle with their weight? Are there biological factors that are involved in appetite and weight gain? Professor Sadaf Farooqi will explore the genetic factors below the surface, and give an insight into what else may be at play in this complex, multifactorial trait.

Please note

If you haven't been before, please note that Friday Evening Discourses are traditional events that date back to 1825. With that in mind, many attendees like to wear smart evening dress, though this is not a requirement.

Find out more about the history of the Friday Evening Discourses on our blog.

About the speaker

Sadaf Farooqi identified the first single gene defect to cause obesity in patients in 1997. She is now a Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow and Professor of Metabolism and Medicine in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge.

She leads a team of researchers in the Genetics of Obesity Study, finding new 'obesity genes'.

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