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Cultures combined: Art and science

What do art and science really have to gain from each other? Join Chiara Ambrosio and a panel of experts to find out.

'Martian Soil' was the winner of our summer #sciart image competition
Riku Wallin

Event description

Historically considered as complementary forms of knowledge, art and science parted ways as a result of the specialisation of the nineteenth century. Today their trajectories seem to intersect again, with a new emphasis on collaborative projects that see artists and scientists working side by side in the form of residencies, public engagement projects, and much more. But what do art and science really have to gain from each other? Join our panel of artists and scientists for an evening of discussion on the benefits of this new (old!) way of thinking about interdisciplinary collaboration, facilitated by Dr. Chiara Ambrosio (UCL). 

About the speakers

Chiara Ambrosio is a Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science at University College London. She is particularly interested in the relations between art and science in the 19th and 20th centuries. She regularly collaborates with the UCL Public Engagement Unit and the UCL Museums and Collections on a number of interdisciplinary projects.

Cham Ghag is a reader in Physics at UCL, specialising in Dark Matter and High Energy Physics. He is one of the scientific consultants on the Laboratory of Dark Matters, a response by artists to scientific investigations into the unknown nature of the universe.

Elizabeth Murton is a visual artist working in installation and sculpture. She works with materials to explore ideas across disciplines. She was involved in the Laboratory of Dark Matters project.

David Dobson is thefirst Scientist in Residence at UCL's Slade School of Art. The idea is that, in addition to highlighting some of the intrinsic beauty in the processes and materials involved in creating art, a genuine cultural exchange based around the discipline of experimentation in the arts will develop new understanding of their scientific methods. David is a Professor of Earth materials in UCL's Department of Earth Sciences.

Artsci Week

This event is one of four this week to explore the wonderful links between art and science.

On Friday 2 June, join video gamers Steve McNeil and Rob Sedgebeer for a fun night of debugging in WiFi Wars Debug IV: A new bug.

On Monday 5 June, joinJorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson for We have no idea as they discuss how comics can help us understand what we don't know about the Universe.

On Friday 9 June, join Alex Evans for the Myth gap as he argues that raw data is not enough and that today's world needs more stories.