William Spottiswoode (1825-1883)

Ri Treasurer, 1865-1873; Secretary, 1873-1879

  • William Spottiswoode

    William Spottiswoode

    Credit: Royal Institution


Ri positions

  • Treasurer, 1865-1873
  • Secretary, 1873-1879

William Spottiswoode was born in London and attended both Harrow School and Eton College before studying mathematics at Balliol College, Oxford. In 1846 he succeeded his father as Queen's Printer, but continued to do mathematical work and later experimental physics. In 1878 he was President of the British Association. He formed a significant collection of scientific instruments which he left to his son Hugh who in turn presented them to the Royal Institution on the occasion of the centenary of its founding in 1899.