Baroness Susan Greenfield (1950- )

Biography of Baroness Susan Greenfield


Ri positions

  • Director, 1998-2010
  • Fullerian Professor of Physiology and Comparative Anatomy, 1999-2010

Born in London, she attended Godolphin and Latymer School for Girls before studying experimental psychology at St Hilda's College, Oxford. After receiving her DPhil in 1977 she undertook research at the University of Oxford and the Collège de France, Paris, before being appointed a Junior Research Fellow at Green College, Oxford, in 1981.

In 1985 she was elected a Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Lecturer in Synaptic Pharmacology. Since 1996 she has been Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford. Her research concentrates on understanding brain functions and disorders, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, as well as the physical basis of consciousness.

She has written and broadcast widely and accessibly on these topics and in 1994 she became the first woman to be invited to give the Royal Institution CHRISTMAS LECTURES and has subsequently made a wide range of TV and radio broadcasts, including a major six-part series on the brain and mind, broadcast on BBC-2 in June 2000. In 1999 she gave a consultative seminar to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, at Downing Street, and also in 1999, was invited to give the Dimbleby Lecture.