Charles Richard Arthur Catlow (1947-)

Biography of Charles Richard Arthur Catlow

  • Charles Richard Arthur Catlow

    Credit: Royal Institution


Ri positions

  • Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1989-2007
  • Director of the Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory, 1998-2007

Born in Simonstine, Lancashire, he attended Clitheroe Royal Grammar School and studied chemistry at St John's College, Oxford. From 1976 until 1985 he was a lecturer in the Chemistry Department, University College London. He was then appointed Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Keele which he held until he took up his post at the Royal Institution. He was made director of the Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory in 1998, a position that he held until 2007.

In 2002 he was made Head of the chemistry department at UCL, becoming the first person to lead the UCL chemistry department and the DFRL at the same time. Five years later he left the Ri to become full-time at UCL, where he was named Dean of Science. His research concentrates on computational chemistry and materials sciences.