Directors of the Laboratory and DFRL

A list of past Directors of the original Laboratory and the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory.

Directors of the Laboratory

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1801   Humphry Davy
1825   Michael Faraday
1867   John Tyndall
1887   James Dewar

Directors of the DFRL

1896   James Dewar
1896   John William Strutt, 3rd Lord Rayleigh
1923   William Henry Bragg
1942   Henry Hallett Dale
1946   Eric Keightley Rideal
1950   Edward Neville da Costa Andrade
1954   William Lawrence Bragg
1966   George, Baron Porter of Luddenham
1986   David Phillips (acting)
1986   John Meurig Thomas
1991   Peter Day
1998   Charles Richard Arthur Catlow
2008   Quentin Pankhurst 

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