Dislocations and stacking faults in stainless steel

An early teaching aid showing the dislocations and faults found in stainless steel.

A silent black and white film, possibly created as an early teaching aid to highlight the various dislocations and faults which can be observed within stainless steel.

The film allows the viewer to see the microscopic structure of stainless steel. It shows the shunting motion of dislocations, the movement of extended dislocations, partial dislocation reactions, positive and negative dislocations, partial dislocations separating to form stacking faults and the nucleation of dislocations near the edge of the foil.

Created by PB Hirsch, RW Horne and MJ Whelan in the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, with the assistance of W Bollmann, Battelle Memorial Institute Geneva, Switzerland.

For this film, and several others in our collection, we have tried to contact any known copyright holders and believe it to be an orphan work. If you are the rights holder, would like it to be taken down, or have any more information, please get in touch at richannel@ri.ac.uk.

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