The bubble model of a crystal at high temperatures

A silent demonstration of the behaviours of a bubble raft at high temperatures.

The film shows the apparatus used to form and film the bubble raft model on the surface of a soap solution. A perfect crystal lattice, a stationary dislocation and running dislocations are shown. An impurity atom, a bubble of different size from that of the bubbles in the mother lattice is also introduced and a dislocation is formed. The model is then set under vibration to simulate the heat motion in a real crystal.

The apparatus is reset to form a grain boundary separating two lattice grains of specified angle of misorientation within the model. The film goes on to show and describe the misorientation angles, boundary shifts and grain slides that occur due to temperature changes.

This film was photographed by Tomonori Zempo. It was supported financially by the Scientific Research Fund granted by the Ministry of Education, and technically by Prof. Yoshio Suge. It was directed by Einosuke Fukushima, Akiya Ookawa and produced by Einosuke Fukushima, Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, 1958. 

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