For Masterclass organisers

News, updates and information for our network of Masterclass organisers.

Organisers' Conference

Each year, we hold a Masterclass Organisers' Conference for all Ri Masterclass organisers. The conference usually includes a mixture of lectures, sample Masterclass sessions, ideas from other organisers, opportunities for organisers to feedback on their series and hear from other groups, networking opportunities and updates from the maths team. We endeavour to make the sessions fun and relevant, as well as ensuring a good level of training is included.  

Get involved

If you would like to know more about what is on offer locally you can explore our current networks.  Find out more about what is involved in organising a Masterclass series, becoming a speaker or helping with a local series on our get involved pages.

Masterclass news

The Masterclass Newsletter is sent to organisers and friends of the Ri Masterclasses each term. It contains information about the work of the Ri Masterclass team, activity ideas and news from the wider network. We welcome submissions from organisers; please get in touch if you have any news items or activity ideas which you want to share.

Please get in touch if you are a Masterclass organiser and want to receive the newsletter.


The Ri offers support to existing and new masterclass groups, including access to Ri speakers from across the network, help with finding local speakers and supporters, and visits from the masterclass team.  We also have a range of support materials available which are updated regularly.

We provide each masterclass group with special attendance certificates for their students, as well as other branded materials.  We are able to provide bilingual Welsh/English certificates to our groups in Wales.

Please get in touch to find out what is on offer and how we can support your masterclass group.

Keep in touch

We will send you a short report form to be completed once your series has finished; please remember to send this back promptly.  Keep us updated on any changes and do send us any news or feedback from your series. We are hoping to make feedback from across the networks available to all of our Masterclass groups.

If there is anything we can do to help or support you please get in touch on or via phone.

Primary Mathematics: 020 7670 2926

Secondary Mathematics: 020 7670 2915

Engineering: 020 7670 2942

Computer Science: 020 7670 2981