Dr Who science comes to life in Ri collaboration with Headsqueeze

The Ri's iconic Faraday Theatre has played host to science YouTube channel Head Squeeze to help celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who.


The Royal Institution has played an important role in this year’s celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the first ever broadcast of Doctor Who. Its iconic Faraday Theatre has played host to not only BBC TWO’s lecture on ‘The Science of Doctor Who’ presented by Professor Brian Cox, but it also played host to science YouTube channel Head Squeeze.

On Head Squeeze James May and his crack team of scientists answer all your burning questions from ‘What exactly is one second?’, ‘What causes a beer belly?’ and ‘Is time travel possible?’. Head Squeeze looks at the science behind the ordinary and the extraordinary…

This week they’ve teamed up with the Ri Channel, and the Doctor Who Channel, to present the science behind the pioneering British programme, Doctor Who. Head Squeeze presenter, physicist and Whovian, Martin Archer enlisted the help of a companion in science Ri demo technician Andy Marmery to create two videos.

First up on Head Squeeze, Martin and his assistant explain the science behind a gadget no Doctor would be caught in front of a destruction of Daleks without – the Sonic Screwdriver. Taking the literal interpretation of “sonic”, Martin and Andy look at the classic demonstration of a standing wave using the Ruben’s Tube.

Next, Head Squeeze take over the Doctor Who channel like The Silence took over the Tardis… Martin and Andy show how any Doctor Who fan can create the title sequence of their favourite show if they have just a TV and a video camera. Replicating the same technique as Norman Taylor used to create the very first Doctor Who title sequence for the 1963 pilot, Martin and Andy use digital video feedback to create patterns on a TV monitor.

The ultimate test? Comparing their recreation titles with the 1963 original – check out the video to see the results!

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