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These exciting events are made possible through the support of our Ri Patron community. Ri Patrons enjoy access to additional content following these events.

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About 'Ri Patrons present'

'Ri Patrons present' events explore the intersection of science, culture, innovation and society with leading thinkers and decision makers. These events are supported by Ri Patrons, a group of philanthropically motivated individuals that help to ensure that people of all backgrounds can build a lifelong interaction with science.

As acknowledgement for their ongoing support, Ri Patrons have access to speakers' drinks receptions after each event, and additional event content such as expanded Q&As, hands-on activities and demonstrations, and the opportunity to explore other cultural institutions in London with exclusive tours.


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Tuesday 17 September

Ri Patrons present: Recipe for a skyscraper

Join award-winning structural engineer and author Roma Agrawal as she explores the key milestones that led to the skyscrapers that dominate the London skyline.


7.00pm to 8.30pm, The Theatre


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