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CHRISTMAS LECTURES from the Royal Institution

Drawing on the incredible archive here at the Ri, which is packed full of handwritten notebooks, photographs and transcripts, '13 Journeys through space and time' by Colin Stuart tells of the most captivating CHRISTMAS LECTURES given at the Ri on space and time, taking a look at what we thought we knew then and what has been discovered since. 

Taking eleven of the most exciting and revealing CHRISTMAS LECTURES on the natural world given at the Royal Institution, including Sir David Attenborough's animal-packed Lectures from 1977 and Richard Dawkins's explosive series on the evolution of life,  '11 Explorations into life on Earth' by Helen Scales takes an illuminating look at more than a hundred years of scientific exploration to discover the origins of life on our planet and the mysteries so far uncovered.

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Shoot for the Moon

Fifty years ago, we walked on the Moon. What did it take to achieve this? And how can you harness the Apollo mentality to achieve the extraordinary in your own life? 

20 July 1969: Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the Moon, one of mankind’s greatest achievements. In this remarkable book, Professor Richard Wiseman presents a pioneering study of the mindset that took humanity to the Moon and shows how that same mindset is available to us all. Shoot for the Moon tells the incredible Apollo story with exclusive personal interviews with the key players, research from the NASA mission archives and cutting-edge psychology.

Ri Members, Ri Young Members and Ri Patrons receive a 30% discount on the book.

Offer ends: 24 May 2019

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