Suitable for under 5s

This is a selection of the ExpeRimental activities that we feel are particularly well suited to younger children, though all the experiments are worth considering for any age.

Multitasking mayhem

Learn how different parts of your brain deal with different tasks, test your multitasking skills, and explore how some activities 'interfere' with each other.

Disgusting dining

Make a delicious and disgusting fake poo, and learn about how our emotions form.

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Homemade lava lamp

Oly and her daughter Viola build a home-made lava lamp and use a surprising property of citrus fruits to explore the science of floating and sinking.


Giant bubbles

Mei and her daughter Mischa learn why bubbles are always round and find out how to make giant bubbles with a couple of wooden spoons and some string.

Singing wine glasses

Marieke and her daughter Tilly make music with wine glasses and squash, and investigate how changing one variable can affect another.

Balloon car racer video thumbnail

Balloon car racers

Mark and his girls Sasha and Lara build and race their own balloon powered cars.

Photo of Lorenzo, Alice and Aoife

Spaghetti towers

Aoife and her children Lorenzo and Alice become engineers for the day, building structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows, and investigating the properties of materials.

Musical coat hangers video thumbnail

Musical coat hangers

Petra and her son Adam try out an amazing trick with a coat hanger and some string, and think about the science of sound.

Play dough thumbnail

Playing with play dough

Pasha, Rushana and their son Aaryan learn about mixtures, solutions and chemical reactions while making home-made play dough.

Fizzy cubes

Olympia and her daughter Viola make a self-inflating balloon and experiment to find out which household liquids react with bicarbonate of soda.

Making butter thumbnail

Making butter

Catherine and the Lurgan Brownies Group make butter from cream.

microwave cupcakes

Cakes in a cup

Investigate the chemistry of cakes by making microwave mug cakes and seeing what happens when you leave out key ingredients from the recipe.