This was the first series of ExpeRimental, all loosely linked to physics.

About ExpeRimental

All about ExpeRimental, our series of videos that help you bring science home.

Tips for doing science at home

Five things to keep in mind while doing the activities to get the most out of science experiments at home with your children.

Rubber band cannons

Andrea and his sons Alessandro and Serafino build rubber band cannons from crisp tins and drinks bottles, and use them to explore projectile motion... and knock down any target they can think of.

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Homemade lava lamp

Oly and her daughter Viola build a home-made lava lamp and use a surprising property of citrus fruits to explore the science of floating and sinking.


Giant bubbles

Mei and her daughter Mischa learn why bubbles are always round and find out how to make giant bubbles with a couple of wooden spoons and some string.

Static magic

Sophie and her son Hector explore the magical world of static electricity by making charged objects move without touching them.

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Balloon car racers

Mark and his girls Sasha and Lara build and race their own balloon powered cars.

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Spaghetti towers

Aoife and her children Lorenzo and Alice become engineers for the day, building structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows, and investigating the properties of materials.

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Musical coat hangers

Petra and her son Adam try out an amazing trick with a coat hanger and some string, and think about the science of sound.

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Homemade parachutes

Jackie and her son Alex make a homemade parachute to transport an egg safely to the ground, and explore what it means to do a fair test.

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Balancing sculptures

Gail and her daughters make amazing balancing structures and explore the science of stability.

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Downloads – 1-10

Printable info sheets, certificates and badges to help make the most of the first 10 ExpeRimental activities, all about physics.