Exeter Mathematics Masterclasses

After a break in 2014, the Exeter Mathematics Masterclasses have a new home. Kerry Burnham tells us more.

Exeter Masterclass students getting to grips with infinity
Exeter Mathematics School

New hosts

Exeter Mathematics School are delighted to be hosting the Exeter Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses for the first time. The Ri Masterclasses have gained an excellent reputation in the region, with dozens of schools regularly having sent students to previous series hosted by the University of Exeter. The current series is fully subscribed with 40 students taking part from 15 state schools.

To infinity and beyond

Our first lecture took place on Saturday 10 January, during which students explored the concept of infinity with Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova of Exeter University. Students began their journey with Zeno’s paradox, moved on to consider the Cantor Set and routes to infinity, and finally reached a suitable destination – Hilbert’s hotel!

Full programme

Over the coming weeks students will explore a diverse range of mathematics from a list of speakers which includes Professor Mitchell Berger, Jenny Goulding, Ben Sparks and Dr Jenny Sharp. Our next Masterclass, “Probability Pranks” will be led by Dr Tim Paulden of ATASS sports. This will culminate in a celebration event during which students will present a summary of what they have learnt to their parents and other guests.

By Kerry Burnham, Headteacher of Exeter Mathematics School