Kantor Primary Mathematics Masterclasses

Explore our existing network of Primary Mathematics Masterclasses throughout the UK.


Children enjoy lively sessions, which, through games, activities and investigations, develop their mathematical reasoning, problem solving and communication skills.

Within each class, children have the opportunity to explore the subject individually and in small groups, with help always close at hand. The children in a Masterclass always come from a number of schools in the area, so it's also a great chance to make new friends.

Many of our primary Masterclasses are run in primary and secondary schools. Schools with 16 to 18 year old (sixth form) students can run a Masterclass project, bringing their 6th formers together with local primary students in a Masterclass environment.

The Kantor Primary Mathematics Masterclass Programme is generously supported by the Kantor Charitable Foundation.

The network

Local volunteers and schools are pivotal to Masterclass series. A series requires not only a principal organiser but also mathematical and pastoral support for the children, and administrative and financial support to maintain it. If you would like to learn more about existing provision in your area and/or help organise a series, please get in touch with the Ri masterclass team at masterclasses@ri.ac.uk  or on 020 7670 2926.

Ri support

The Ri provides flexible and varied support for Masterclasses, offering guidance (on organisation, governance and mathematical aspects), speaker training opportunities, support with raising funds locally, and connecting people in our Masterclass community to share ideas and best practice.

We offer resources for Masterclass workshops including our ‘off the Shelf’ Masterclasses - a portfolio of digital workshops that you can download and deliver with minimal preparation - and a supporting Primary Masterclass book containing activity ideas.

Secondary schools running a Sixth-form to Primary Masterclass project recieve a visit from the Ri Masterclass team to kick it off: a half day of training for 6th formers on how to lead a Masterclass workshop, helping with content development and oracy skills.

Get involved

Find out more about how to attend Masterclasses, volunteer as a Masterclass helper, or become a speaker.

We are always keen to support new groups, so if you are interested in helping to set up a series in your area you can find out more about becoming an organiser to run primary Masterclasses, a sixth form project or get in touch: 020 7670 2915 or masterclasses@ri.ac.uk.

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