Spring activities

Take a look at our spring 2014 activity links, focusing on Greek mathematics and mathematics outdoors

  • Is there anybody there?

    Is there anybody there?

    Credit: T Mitchell

Greek puzzles

As we have been focusing on Greek mathematics recently, Prof Alan Davies and Paul Hall have provided some puzzles linked to the Greek ideas of proof and geometry. Download these from the link on the right. There are no answers – if you would like some, email us at masterclasses@ri.ac.uk.


Thinking more about the ancient Greeks and their labyrinths, Steve Humble (a.k.a. Dr Maths) has shown us these resources related to the London Underground. There is plenty to do if you are visiting London and lots of puzzles even if you aren’t.

Can you build your own labyrinth? Send us a picture if you do!

Mathematics outdoors

As summer approaches, why not do some mathematics outdoors and make your own trails? The IMA is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year with some mathematics city walks (among many other activities). There is some great help on creating these on the Maths Week Ireland 2011 website and there may already be something near you – check out Maths in the City.