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News from across the Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Masterclass networks in autumn 2014

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    Engineering Masterclass

    Credit: Tim Mitchell

Mathematics Masterclass network news

The Mathematics Masterclass networks continue to move from strength to strength. With Amy’s help, several new primary groups are up and running this year, including series in West Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Warwickshire and Greater London. Sam is looking forward to supporting them from now on and hearing about their series so far.

After so many new secondary groups last year, the Secondary Mathematics Masterclass network is still continuing to expand. Across the network, we have new series starting this term in the Scottish Highlands and in Essex, with the Exeter series re-starting in the spring. We also hope to have a new series in Hull after the February half-term. Sam visited the first session of the Essex Masterclasses in Chelmsford on Saturday and had a lovely morning playing with codes and ciphers. We would like to welcome all of our new organisers in the primary and secondary networks to the Masterclass family.

This year has seen the London Secondary Mathematics Masterclass network expand to its largest ever size with capacity now for 1000 students a year across Years 9, 10, 11 and Sixth Form. Thanks to a generous three-year funding agreement with the The Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust (CACT), we have added a second Year 10 series at UCL and a second Year 11 series at King’s College London Maths School. Despite the fact that this allowed us to double the capacity in both years to 160 students per age group, the series proved so popular that all spaces were filled within a week of the applications being sent out and we have a waiting list of over 80 additional Year 10 students. The partnership we have made with UCL has allowed us to take a group of Year 9 students on a special visit to the university in place of one of their Saturday sessions at the Ri, allowing for many of them their first glimpse into Higher Education and an insight to what undergraduate student life is like. Currently, Joe is busy receiving the student reply forms and getting everything finalised and preparing for a busy spring term, which will include seven Year 9 series, three Sixth Form series and a special Year 10 and 11 Masterclass session by Jonny Ball.

Engineering Masterclass network news

The Engineering Masterclass network is developing a wider network this term. We have three new autumn series up and running at Northumbria University in Newcastle, St Cuthbert’s Catholic School, also in Newcastle and at Selex ES in Luton. All are going extremely well. Thanks go to the Reece Foundation for providing the financial support to get the Newcastle series up and running, and to the team at Selex for running the series there. Our existing series at Brunel University is seeing its second series successfully underway, while students are currently being recruited for our spring series at Warwick University and Paper Trail (Apsley, Hertfordshire).

In London, we are proud to announce the new spring series of Engineering Masterclasses at UCL, London. Students are currently being recruited from all schools in Camden and North West London to attend the UCL series, and from all other areas of London to attend our series at London Metropolitan University, Imperial College, and Trinity School, Croydon. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

We continue to recruit and train new engineer speakers for our expanding network as well as for inclusion in our existing series. If you know of someone with an engineering background who is interested in working with a group of bright, keen students to do engineering projects, please put them in touch.

With the help of an RAEng Ingenious grant, we are currently partnering with the world-renowned robotics team at Birmingham University to develop a group of robotics Masterclasses. These will be ‘plugged’ into existing masterclass series. If you run an engineering masterclass series and are interested in having them come to you, please let us know.

Computer Science Masterclass network news

We have several new Computer Science Masterclass series starting in the spring, with our initial pilot series running at Gladesmore Community School in Haringey. Ben is currently recruiting students to attend the series of eight Masterclasses, which starts in early January. This will be swiftly followed by new series at UCL, London, and Trinity School in Croydon. Once he has settled in, Ben will be working with a range of potential organisers across the country and we expect the Computer Science Masterclass Network to expand rapidly.

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