Engineering Masterclass update

News from across the network of engineering Masterclasses in Autumn 2013.

  • Warwickshire Engineering Masterclass students

    Warwickshire Masterclass students do engineering with toy bricks

    Credit: University of Warwick

Engineering network expansion

The Engineering Masterclass Network is growing fast across the UK. The number of centres running Masterclass series in the UK has expanded from five in the year 2012/13 to at least eight groups due to run series in 2013/14. We are delighted that there is such a strong appetite amongst academic centres and the engineering industry to get involved with the running of classes, and provision of engineering speakers. Rachel is currently working with around 15 new engineering speakers, a number which will increase as new series start around the country.

We are proud to announce that we have been working with Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Oxfordshire, to set up a new engineering Masterclass series there. The first series will run in the summer term, 2014. In addition, we are talking to several other groups across the UK, particularly in North East England, and hope to start additional series in the summer term; if you know of anyone who would be interested in getting involved please put them in touch.

New series

Brunel University started their first Ri Engineering Masterclass series this autumn, finishing in January 2014. It has proved highly successful, involving 36 students from around six local schools, and we would like to thank the Brunel staff who worked so hard to make it possible.

Existing groups

We have accepted 150 nominations from schools across London for the five spring series - two at Imperial College, one at London Metropolitan University and two at Trinity School, Croydon. All series are now fully booked with a healthy waiting list.

Our series at the University of Warwick and The Paper Trail in Hertfordshire, piloted last summer term, will also be running in spring 2014. The summer term will also see the second Masterclass series run at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys.

We are very pleased that all groups are continuing and look forward to visiting as many as possible in the new year.