External maths resources

Browse our list of mathematical resources and tips for teachers from external providers.

External maths resources

If you are looking for more mathematics enrichment activities, there are plenty of external resources available. 

You could search the STEM Directories or National STEM Centre e-library, and narrow your search by subject and age group as well as the type of the activity which you are looking for. 

There are also several grant schemes related to the STEM Directories activities.

Other resources include:

  • The Millennium Maths Project has a range of resources which you may find useful. The MMP also developed the Maths in Sport resources and has a number of roadshows, including the Enigma Project.
  • There are lots of puzzle and problem solving activities on the NRICH website, which also has a STEM section to help you incorporate cross-curricular elements into your maths lessons.
  • The Motivate website has packs of resources focusing on a few topics in applied maths.
  • +Plus magazine is full of interesting articles and links to activities for both your students and yourself.
  • The Nuffield Foundation has a selection of interesting classroom resources, including mathematical investigations and practical explorations of maths in the form of the Applying Mathematical Processes (AMP) resources. You may find the Free-Standing Mathematics Activities (FSMA) helpful for alternative activity ideas to support your teaching and as ideas for projects. 
  • Bowland Maths also have a large selection of activities similar to the AMP investigations.
  • The Liverpool Fun Maths Roadshow (which you do need to buy) is full of exciting activities and ideas, and is often used within Masterclass sessions or as warm-up activities throughout a masterclass series. 
  • We also like the BP trading game (you have to register but the resource is a free download).

Please do let the Masterclass team know of any additional maths-related resources for teachers via maths@ri.ac.uk.

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