Masterclass speaker development programme

Find out more about our development programme to support potential workshop leaders in creating and delivering a Masterclass based around their own favourite mathematics, engineering or computer science topic.

Speaker development programme

Our Speaker Development Programme is designed to support potential workshop leaders in both creating their own Masterclass and developing their skills in presenting, communication and working with young people from a variety of backgrounds. We give tailored support and guidance and help you develop the tools to design and lead your own workshop, where you can share your passion for your subject, inspire in-depth explorations of the topic, nurture the students’ curiosity and help them to reach their full potential.

With the Speaker Development Programme packed full of professional development opportunities, we’re confident that you will gain as much from becoming a speaker as the students will from having you involved. The structured programme of training and support will be tailored to your experience and includes:

  • Visits to local Masterclass series to see existing speakers in action
  • Access to our library of support resources, including sample Masterclasses to give you a starting point for your ideas
  • Training sessions in presentation and communication skills, classroom management, content development, unconscious bias and inclusive learning
  • One-to-one support and feedback on your ideas, workshop content and delivery
  • Opportunities to discuss your ideas with others on the programme and existing speakers
  • Opportunities to deliver your workshop within our Masterclass network
  • No Masterclass is perfect on the first go, so we work with you to give feedback and help you make improvements

While our training sessions are run at set times and locations, we are able to work with potential speakers throughout the year on an individual basis. We are aware that many people may not feel confident enough to jump straight in, so this programme is designed to support you to develop your skills and confidence at your own pace.

Our off-the-shelf Masterclasses are great examples of how a Masterclass is structured, and can be used as a starting point for new speakers if they do not wish to develop something completely from scratch. More resources for different ages and in different subjects will be added in the coming year.

Who can be a speaker?

The main requirement for Masterclass speakers is enthusiasm for sharing their love of the STEM subjects, a good level of knowledge and willingness to communicate with young people.

Masterclass speakers come from a variety of different backgrounds, each bringing their own passion and experiences to their workshop. The students engage with a different speaker leading each of the workshops in their series, allowing them to meet a range of role models and learn more about who is involved in these fields. We particularly welcome new speakers who are currently under-represented in STEM fields across all dimensions of diversity – it is important that all of our students can see that the STEM subjects are for everyone.

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The Masterclass Speaker Development Programme is a commitment but is incredibly fun and rewarding. One of our newer Masterclass speakers describes the experience of creating and delivering her Masterclass as "one of the best things I've ever done". As well as the skills you develop, it’s a fantastic opportunity to appreciate your own subject in greater depth and to help inspire the next generation.

Dependant on your recent experience, during the programme we will ask you to visit at least one local Masterclass workshop, attend training sessions (usually delivered as one full day on a Saturday), and have periodic catch-ups with the Masterclass team. In your first year as a new speaker we would usually ask you to commit to delivering 2-3 workshops so that you are able to further develop your Masterclass after your first try, but this depends on your other commitments and where you are based. After this, your commitment will vary based on your own circumstances and local Masterclass provision.

The Masterclass team is here to support you and we will work with you to help you get involved at your own pace and in whatever way suits you.

How to get involved

If you are interested in becoming a Masterclass speaker we want to hear from you. Book to attend one of our training events or complete our application form and we will be in touch to discuss the next steps. If you want to find out more about the programme before getting involved, book to attend one of our taster events or get in touch. Please also get in touch with any questions.

Other ways to get involved

Find out more about being a Masterclass helper or organising a local series.

Visit this page to volunteer as a helper in London.

Please email if you are interested in volunteering at a local Masterclass series elsewhere in the UK. Please let us know what level and subject you are interested in and where you are based.

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