Ri Online Primary Masterclasses Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is written for students of primary-school age. Everyone taking part in an Ri Online Masterclass must read and abide by the Code of Conduct.


This code of conduct is to ensure that Ri Masterclasses are open, safe, fulfilling, and a welcoming environment for everyone’s thoughts and ideas. 

Everyone involved in an Ri Masterclass is responsible for following the Code of Conduct. Adults and older students should see the main Ri Online Masterclasses Code of Conduct. Anyone who does not follow these guidelines may have to be removed from the session and any future sessions, and the Masterclass organisers may inform students’ parents/carers and teachers.


During an Ri Masterclass you should:

  • Be kind, respectful and inclusive to everyone
  • Listen and respect each other’s views and ideas; if you disagree with someone, challenge and discuss the idea, not the person
  • Use welcoming and inclusive language
  • Treat everyone equally 

Avoid potentially harmful language, which means:

  • Do not use words like “crazy”, “dumb”, “insane” or “lame” out of context as this can be upsetting to people. Instead you can use clearer descriptions of what you actually mean, like saying something is “unexpected”, “amazing”, “not sensible” or “disappointing”
  • Do not use terms with a mixed group of people which generally refer to only one gender (e.g. just boys), for example “guys” or “dudes”
  • Do not use slang or abbreviations which others may not be familiar with
  • Do not swear or use abbreviations of swearwords

We will NOT accept any behaviour which is unkind, upsetting or excludes any one person or group of people.

If what you’re doing is making someone feel uncomfortable, that is enough reason to stop doing it. 

You should use any interactive features sensibly and appropriately. Do not spam the chat with repeated or irrelevant material, as this stops other from being able to participate.

Safeguarding: Masterclass supervisors

There will be at least one supervisor present in each virtual room. These are the only people who can send or receive private messages. 

If you are uncomfortable about anything, for example, something another person is saying or doing, you can message one of the supervisors privately. Please also tell a supervisor if anyone is breaking the code of conduct or acting inappropriately in any way. They will deal with the matter appropriately and as quickly as possible.

Supervisors may need to pass details of your comment or complaint on to other such as the Ri’s Safeguarding team, particularly if it raises any concerns over the safety of yourself or another person. Everything will be treated with respect, care and privacy.

Online safety

In order to keep everyone safe:

  1. You must not share your own or others’ personal details at the Masterclass event – this includes contact details, social media or other online account names/handles, links to my blogs/streams, links or codes to access games, etc. This protects everyone by making sure that you are not providing ways to send private messages.
  2. You should not share anything that someone else has shared without their permission. You must not take and/or share any pictures or recordings of the event which include other students.
  3. You should use a parent or carer’s account to access the event platform.
  4. If you do not wish to be seen and/or heard by other people at the event, you can turn off your camera and/or microphone.
  5. Everyone should use appropriate language at all times and must not share, link to or display any inappropriate materials or content, including in the background of their video or audio feeds.
  6. You should make sure that you are appropriately dressed (clothing that covers both the top and bottom half of the body, with no inappropriate images or words featured).
  7. You should follow the session supervisor’s instructions on what your screenname should be.

Reporting Concerns

If you are concerned about another person, or if you are not happy with how a supervisor has handled a concern you reported to them, you can contact the Ri’s safeguarding team directly on safeguarding@ri.ac.uk (this inbox is usually monitored several times a week during working hours).

If your enquiry or concern is more urgent you can contact one of the Ri's Designated Safeguarding Officers via phone:

  • Samantha Durbin on 07741 657 952
  • Peter Gallivan on 07704 515 238

Any situation will be handled following the Ri’s Safeguarding Policy. The Safeguarding team will inform you of the procedures to follow based on the information provided. 

Please bear in mind that all reports are private and details should not be shared.


If you have any questions about this Code of Conduct please contact us on masterclasses@ri.ac.uk.

Ri Online Masterclasses Code of Conduct: printable version