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Find out more about our UK-wide networks of hands-on and interactive extracurricular sessions in mathematics, engineering and computer science.

  • An Engineering Masterclass exploring acoustics.

    Credit: Tim Mitchell


Ri Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Masterclasses are free hands-on and interactive extracurricular sessions led by talented and enthusiastic volunteers from education, academia and industry for school students all around the UK.

The Masterclass programme was started by Prof Sir Christopher Zeeman in 1981 after the popularity of his 1978 CHRISTMAS LECTURES on mathematics.

The Ri originally ran Secondary Mathematics Masterclasses for students aged between 12 and 14 and we have since extended the programme to provide Mathematics Masterclasses for primary aged pupils, as well as cross curricular Engineering and Computer Science Masterclasses.

The unique sessions go beyond the school curriculum and bring maths, engineering and computer science to life in surprising topics such as art and sculpture, design, medicine and cryptography.

The Masterclasses aim to open the eyes of young people to the excitement, beauty and value of mathematics, engineering and computer science and in turn, inspire the next generation.


  • Thank you for teaching me maths in a new light and enhancing my knowledge and self esteem about maths.

    Year 9 Mathematics Masterclass student

  • He already enjoyed maths, but the masterclasses gave him other enjoyable perspectives on the wonders of maths in our everyday lives.

    Primary Mathematics Masterclass parent

  • I feel very lucky to have been invited, the classes have extended my knowledge of the workings of maths and have helped build my confidence.

    Year 11 Mathematics Masterclass student

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Find out more about our masterclass provision by visiting our networks pages, explore how you can get involved or attend one of our introductory events.  You can also read about our supporters and the history of the Ri Masterclasses.

For further information, please contact the team by emailing masterclasses@ri.ac.uk.

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