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Find out more about our UK-wide networks of hands-on and interactive extracurricular sessions in mathematics, engineering and computer science.

  • An Engineering Masterclass exploring acoustics.

    Credit: Tim Mitchell


The Royal Institution Masterclass programme opens young people’s eyes to the diversity of mathematics, engineering and computer science. Through series of hands-on extra-curricular workshops, students all over the UK meet to explore these subjects in new and exciting ways. 

Our Masterclasses are led by inspiring workshop leaders, known as speakers, who come from a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) backgrounds. Our speakers share their enthusiasm and experience with the students, nurturing their curiosity. The programme allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the scope, creativity, relevance and potential applications of these far-reaching subjects. 

Throughout a Masterclass series, students meet a range of speakers and volunteer helpers, giving them insight into possible careers and helping them to see that the STEM subjects are for everyone. We aim to inspire students to continue their interest and engagement into the future. 

We have networks of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Masterclass series at both primary and secondary level. All over the UK, we work with dedicated contributors who take on a variety of roles to make Masterclasses happen in their area.

Attending Masterclasses

Attendance at Masterclasses is via teacher nomination only. Teachers are invited to put forward just a few students in the relevant year-group to attend their local Masterclass series. We encourage teachers to select those who they feel will benefit most from attending and to give particular consideration to those who may not otherwise have similar enrichment opportunities. All Masterclass series include students from a number of local schools.

Students who are interested in attending Masterclasses should ask their teachers to get in touch with us. Teachers can find out more about how they can get their students and schools involved in Masterclasses and how they can support a local Masterclass series.

Making Masterclasses happen

Our Masterclasses take place due to a network of dedicated and invaluable contributors, from local STEM organisations to individual volunteers.  Our contributors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and share a commitment to helping young people to explore the STEM subjects beyond what they would usually see in the classroom. 

New contributors can get involved in a variety of ways, including helping to organise local series, supporting individual sessions, or leading a Masterclass workshop. 

We are always keen to work with new contributors to set up Masterclass series in new areas or support existing series. Our Speaker Development Programme is designed to offer tailored ongoing support for new Masterclass workshop leaders. Potential contributors can get in touch to discuss how they can get involved or attend one of our Masterclass Taster Events.


  • Thank you for teaching me maths in a new light and enhancing my knowledge and self esteem about maths.

    Year 9 Mathematics Masterclass student

  • He already enjoyed maths, but the masterclasses gave him other enjoyable perspectives on the wonders of maths in our everyday lives.

    Primary Mathematics Masterclass parent

  • I feel very lucky to have been invited, the classes have extended my knowledge of the workings of maths and have helped build my confidence.

    Year 11 Mathematics Masterclass student


We would like to thank The Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust, Causeway Technologies, The Clothworkers’ Foundation, The Doris Pacey & Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundations and the Kantor Charitable Foundation for their incredible generosity and support of the Royal Institution Masterclass programme.

The following funders additionally kindly support Masterclasses. 

Mathematics Masterclasses further supporters: Ernest Cook Trust, Ernst & Young LLP.

Engineering Masterclass further supporters: A G Manly Trust, National Centre for Nuclear Robotics, Reece Foundation, and DS Smith Plc.

We would like to extend our thanks to those who provide invaluable in-kind support. 

If you would like to support the Ri Masterclass programme please contact the developmment team on development@ri.ac.uk .

Find out more

Find out more about our masterclass provision by visiting our networks pages, explore how you can get involved or attend one of our introductory events.  Ri Masterclasses have been running since 1981; find out more about the history of the programme.

For further information, please contact the team by emailing masterclasses@ri.ac.uk.

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