Ri Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science Masterclasses are hands-on and interactive extracurricular sessions led by top experts from academia and industry for keen and talented young people all around the UK.

  • Student listening to hand-made speaker

    Making speakers in an engineering masterclass

    Credit: T Mitchell
  • Woman adding weights to a paper bridge

    Building bridges at an Engineering Masterclass

    Credit: T Mitchell
  • Engineering activity with hip joints

    Building hip joints in a year 9 Engineering Masterclass.

    Credit: T Mitchell


  • Thank you for teaching me maths in a new light and enhancing my knowledge and self esteem about maths.

    Year 9 Mathematics Masterclass student

  • He already enjoyed maths, but the masterclasses gave him other enjoyable perspectives on the wonders of maths in our everyday lives.

    Primary Mathematics Masterclass parent

  • I feel very lucky to have been invited, the classes have extended my knowledge of the workings of maths and have helped build my confidence.

    Year 11 Mathematics Masterclass student

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