Pinhole photography (Upper KS2, KS3, KS4)

Use a pin-hole camera to take retro pictures on photographic paper and develop them in our dark room.

  • A shot of the Royal Institution columns taken with a pinhole camera.

    The Royal Institution columns, photographed with a pinhole camera.

    Credit: Royal Institution


  • Upper Key Stage 2

  • Key Stage 3

  • Key Stage 4


This workshop is designed for students between the ages of 11 and 16 years old, and lasts for around four hours including a 30 – 40 minute break for lunch (not provided).

The maximum group size is 24. Actual group sizes depend on age and circumstance, for more info contact the team at

In this workshop students will look at how the first cameras worked and investigate the optics behind pinhole photography, exploring the links between this and modern digital image capture. They will investigate how photographic images are formed, learn about the chemical developing processes and discover how to make their own Pinhole camera. Lots of hands on activities are included such as creating a photogram and of course getting to capture and develop their own photos using a pinhole camera. 

  • The LYSC team posing for a pinhole camera shot.

    Credit: Royal Institution

  • A pinhole camera photograph of some chairs

    Try your hand at taking and developing beautiful pinhole camera photos.

    Credit: Royal Institution

Try making a pinhole camera yourself:

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