The Royal Institution

For over 200 years, the Royal Institution has been 'diffusing science for the common purposes of life'. The Royal Institution is unique in offering a whole range of activities, all under one roof. The scope is vast, from providing programmes for schools as well as a forum for the general public, through to a heritage programme, an arts-science initiative, a media centre and state-of-the-art chemistry labs.

However, all these activities are linked by one factor: an enthusiasm for science and exploring ways in which it can be maximally harnessed for the benefits of society. The Royal Institution therefore offers both a formal and informal, virtual and real, meeting place for anyone interested in science, irrespective of whether they have a scientific background or not. This year, the Ri is delighted to be working once again with the Leverhulme Trust and Five.

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The Leverhulme Trust

The Christmas Lectures this year have again been generously supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

The Trust was established in 1925 under the will of the First Viscount Leverhulme with the instruction that it should support scholarships for education and research. Since that time, the Trust has provided funding for research projects and students across all academic disciplines, the ambition being to support talented individuals as they realise their personal vision in education or research.

Full details of the Trust's activities may be found on: (external link - new window)


Five's four-year partnership with the Royal Institution for the annual Royal Institution Christmas Lectures will see the lectures, which serve as a forum for presenting scientific issues to young people, shown during peak-time as part of the Christmas schedule. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures continue Five's commitment to science. Details of broadcasts can be found at: (external link - new window).



theWorkshop (external link - new window) is an established design communication company with a history of innovation and success in e-learning. In 2004 the Royal Institution and theWorkshop worked together for the first time to create a CD-ROM to extend the appeal of the Christmas Lectures. The web-based aspect of this annual event has grown to encourage nationwide participation in the scientific themes of the lectures. We are delighted to be involved in promoting the public understanding of mathematics and in helping to inspire fascination and curiosity in the subject.

More information about the theWorkshop can be found at: (external link - new window)