Cryptic cave
Spaced out
Banged up
Chopper copper
Plankety plank
You're fired
For cod's hake

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Try this out activities

The Mersenne mystery (PDF Document 292KB - new window)
Dodecoration (PDF Document 412KB - new window)
Strategy shoot out (PDF Document 90KB - new window)
Coded magic (PDF Document 408KB - new window)
Boomer it better (PDF Document 120KB - new window)

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More maths

Infinite primes (PDF Document 523KB - new window)
Fascinating fractals part one Drawing fractals (PDF Document 474KB - new window)
Fascinating fractals part two Infinite length (PDF Document 388KB - new window)
The million dollar question (PDF Document 90KB - new window)
Clever codes part one - checking for mistakes (PDF Document 806KB - new window)
Clever codes part two - codes that correct errors (PDF Document 1.3MB - new window)
Why does it always rain on me? (PDF Document 90KB - new window)

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The first 10,000 primes (external link - new window)
The music of the primes (external link - new window)
Prize primes (external link - new window)
Create a fractal (external link - new window)
The tenth dimension (external link - new window)
Fake Pollocks and fractals (external link - new window)
The Monty Hall problem (external link - new window)
The mathematics of the Lottery (external link - new window)
Crossing lines puzzle (external link - new window)
Win an Enigma machine (external link - new window)
The Black Chamber (external link - new window)
X&Y code generator (external link - new window)
Chaotic fluids (external link - new window)
Gravity game (external link - new window)
Free kicks and mathematics (external link - new window)

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Video clips

Unexploded primes
Natural fractal shapes
Play 15
Decoding messages
Chaotic magnets

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Lecture transcripts

The curious incident of the never ending numbers (PDF Document 156KB - new window)
The story of the elusive shapes (PDF Document 164KB - new window)
The secret of the winning streak (PDF Document 158KB - new window)
The case of the uncrackable code (PDF Document 159KB - new window)
The quest to predict the future (PDF Document 160KB - new window)

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