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We use maths every day - and not just in the classroom or at work, but when we send a text, use a computer, play a game, even when we're sitting watching television mathematical equations are hard at work! In these lectures Professor Marcus du Sautoy shows how mathematicians have contributed to our understanding of the world around us for millennia, and helped develop technology to cope with it. In a series of exuberant, fascinating and entertaining demonstrations Marcus brings alive the mysteries of mathematics - and in the process let's you know how you can win a US$1 million prize.

Lecture 1: The curious incident of the never-ending numbers

Select to seek out prime numbers to infinity.

Lecture 2: The story of the elusive shapes

The mysterious world of the Flatlanders

Select to explore shapes and images in 2, 3 and even 4 dimensions.

Lecture 3: The secret of the winning streak

Inspector Marcus is on the case

Select to try puzzles with winning strategies that'll help him bag his suspect.

Lecture 4: The case of the uncrackable code

Connect up codes and TV, books and your mobile phone

Select to crack codes and decipher their secrets.

Lecture 5: The quest to predict the future

Travel through time to explore prediction and chaos.

Select to explore some universal surprises.