A Place Called Space
Day 10

Supported by Wellcome Trust

Project Gemini: a bridge to the moon

Project Apollo took America to the moon. But what came before? The second in our series of films using archive footage to tell the story of America's early days in space looks at Project Gemini: America's crucial programme designed to ready themselves for a trip to the moon.

Before NASA could shoot for the moon, they had to master the basics. Lagging behind their Soviet rivals at every turn, America's space travellers were inexperienced but had a very ambitious goal. 

The Gemini programme is the unsung hero of NASA’s eventual triumph in reaching the moon; a crucial scaffold on which Project Apollo was built. It is a story of innovation and growing experience, at a time when America seemed stuck one step behind in the Space Race. Tackling their first space walk and space rendezvous, Project Gemini bridges the Mercury and Apollo missions, providing the foundation for NASA’s first great triumph. 

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