A Place Called Space

24 unique looks at the human experience and cultural significance of space travel, through videos, articles, infographics and interactives.

animation screenshot

Dreams of an astronaut


Helen Sharman's dreams of being back on the Mir space station, brought to life through animation.

Gemini spacewalk image

Project Gemini: a bridge to the moon


Project Apollo took America to the moon. But what came before? The second in our series of films using archive footage to tell the story of America's early days in space looks at Project Gemini: America's crucial programme designed to ready themselves for a trip to the moon.

Illustration of space debris, by Tuchi

Space debris: a short story


A melancholy tale of a piece of self-doubting space debris hurtling around our planet.

Kevin Fong in zero gravity on a parabolic flight

360 degrees in zero gravity


Experience zero-g in 360 degrees in this interactive video from Kevin Fong's trip on a parabolic flight, the so-called 'vomit comet'.

Who's been to the moon?


Real and fictional, this infographic shows everyone who's walked on the moon.

Carl Sagan on space exploration


A beautiful, unique animation of little-known audio from Carl Sagan's 1977 CHRISTMAS LECTURES on humans in space.

Rituals of a rocket launch


Why do astronauts pee on the wheel of a bus before they take off? Do superstitious traditions really help astronauts about to fire into space? Kevin Fong investigates.

Experiments in zero gravity


Science demonstrations that test basic physics of water in zero gravity, filmed with Kevin Fong on a parabolic flight.

Magic lantern slide

Space in the archives


A space-themed delve into the archives of the Royal Institution.

Living in space


Four astronauts think back to their time in space.

Stress in space


A video looking at an innovative project using speech analysis to gauge how stressed astronauts really are.

Who's been to the ISS?


A look at the select few who have visited the International Space Station.

Project Apollo


The story of NASA's most famous missions which saw man first step foot on the moon.

illustration by Andrew Khosravani

Stories from space


Astronauts have the best anecdotes. Seasoned spacefarers Helen Sharman, Daniel Tani and Michael Barratt think back to their time in the stars.

Hypergolic fuels


Chemist Professor Andrea Sella shows how the spontaneous ignition of hypergolic mixtures can fire rockets into space.

Animals in space


Animals paved the way for man to venture off our planet. Explore the species that led the way, and continue to expand our knowledge today.

Postcard from Baikonur


Tim Peake launched into space from Baikonur, the world's first and largest operational spaceport. We take a look at the unique space travel history of this special place.

NASA archive footage

Mercury rising: America's first steps into space


In 1959, Project Mercury became the United States' maiden space programme. This is the story of that programme, told through beautiful archive footage.

Mark Grist performs his poem

Is space travel worth it?


Spoken word poet Mark Grist has a lyrical argument with himself about whether space travel is worth the investment.

Out of this world problems


Space is dangerous. But it's also really, really annoying.

Helen Sharman's space suit

A tour of a space suit


Helen Sharman walks us through the suit that kept her safe when she became the first Briton in space over 20 years ago.

The story of space debris


Since Sputnik 1, we’ve been littering the space around our planet with debris. This interactive visualisation tells the story of how it has accumulated.

Planet Earth credit NASA

An astronaut's view of Earth


What’s it like to see our planet from above? Four seasoned astronauts recall that most unique experience.

Illustration of Russian and American space suits - Anthony Lewis/Ri

Two worlds in space


Just metres apart, and hundreds of miles from planet Earth, the Russian and American ISS crews lead very different lives.

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