• screengrabs of video calls from the three lecturers photoshopped onto the seats of the Ri lecture theatre

    Helen Czerski, Chris Jackson and Tara Shine

    Credit: Paul Wilkinson and John Allen


Usually, tickets to the live recording of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES are available exclusively to Ri Members, Young Members, Patrons and UK registered schools, via a ballot which opens in September.

Unfortunately, this year after careful consideration we have had to make the difficult decision to not have a live audience for the filming.

In order to maintain social distancing, our live audience would have been reduced to less than a quarter of its normal size and audience participation in demos would have been all but impossible. We also had to weigh up the risk of having to cancel plans for a live audience at very short notice, in light of new public health measures.

We have made this decision now so we can plan content and demonstrations with certainty, be confident in filming on location and work with the three lecturers to deliver a somewhat different but just as inspirational lecture series for you all.

We are truly sorry we won't be able to welcome a live audience this year, but we are still incredibly excited about the lectures and look forward to sharing them with you on BBC 4 over the holidays, and on our YouTube channel thereafter.