Transmissions through time: the 2017 advent calendar
Day 19

Teddy bear faces

Heinz Wolff investigates facial expressions with the help of some teddy bears.

This clip is of the late great Heinz Wolff who sadly past away at the weekend. He was a great friend of the Ri and we were very saddened by the news. Our thoughts are with Professor Wolff's family. To remember the great man, here he is in action in the 1975 CHRISTMAS LECTURES

Our faces display messages to the world around us by expressing what we are thinking or feeling, and giving clues about our character. In this clip Heinz Wolff analyses the characters of an audience of teddy bears by looking at their facial expressions.

Heinz Wolff gave the 1975 CHRISTMAS LECTURES "Signals from the interior". This clip is from his sixth lecture, "Signals from the mind".