The PufferSphere® at the CHRISTMAS LECTURES

A word from Pufferfish, one of the special supporters of the 2020 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

  • Credit: Pufferfish

Imagine having the world in your hands.

A world where you can control how (and where) you explore it.

A world where all the senses are stimulated, and information is transformed.

That’s a world that Pufferfish create. A reality that we re-focus and curate.

At Pufferfish, we believe in the power of data, of education, of storytelling, and of giving strong context to otherwise complex information. This year we were thrilled to be invited to support the Christmas Lecture Series in partnership with the BBC, and to be part of a historical television show that stands for the same principles. Education, science, data, global information, and engaging family fun.

This year, the BBC and the Royal Institution wanted some dynamic centre pieces for the Christmas Lecture series. They wanted something unforgettable, something tactile, fun and intuitive for their audience, and our solutions are exactly that. They are commanding centre pieces, digital campfires, and unforgettable pieces of technology that awaken the senses.

  • PufferSphere® at the Centre for Life

    Credit: Pufferfish

Our PufferSphere® solutions are our large-scale solutions. They transform content and complex data, and create compelling, unforgettable stories. They punch 13,000 Lumens and 4K projection technology, and come with integrated audio and our licensed Presenter software. Whether it be for a television show, a permanent exhibition, a corporate event or otherwise, our PufferSphere® solutions revolutionize the possibilities of communication.

See more on the PufferSphere®.

Our PufferTouch® solutions might be smaller in scale, but they are our brightest and most powerful solutions. Offering intuitive multi-touch screens, these 4K solutions are the only touch enabled spherical displays in the world. From stationary solutions to mobile solutions, the PufferTouch® has a reputation across the globe for its dynamic, UHD image quality. Want to see more? See the PufferTouch®.

Education should be fun - It should trigger interest, emotion and imagination. Pufferfish specialise in curating these moments through tactile, gamified experiences. We make digital real.

Make sure to tune in for the 2020 BBC Christmas Lecture Series to see our world-renowned technology in action!

For more on Pufferfish, see our website here:

  • The Queen observing a PufferTouch®

    Credit: Pufferfish

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