Ri videos, podcasts and articles from February 2019

February is such a short month that it seems to fly by before it can properly get started.

But fortunately, we still managed to fit some great things in. Find out more about what we've done, and what you might have missed.

Ri on YouTube

We started February by releasing our 2018 Christmas Lectures with Alice Roberts and Aoife McLysaght which are available on YouTube (in slightly redacted format due to copyright agreements) and in full on the Ri's website.

When Phil Ball gave a lecture about quantum theory last autumn, we knew it was going to popular on our YouTube channel. But we didn’t predict just how big a hit it would turn out to be, and how many questions and ideas we’d get from it. In response we invited Phil back to talk about one specific part of his talk especially for our YouTube audience: an analogy of quantum entanglement.

We also released the first in a series of talks with our friends from the Embassy of Holland on How Can Chemistry Make Our Society More Sustainable?, where Bert Weckhuysen explores how catalysts can be improved to be even better at increasing the rates of chemical reactions.

We never like staying away from the cosmos for too long, so in our latest physics talk, Exploring the Solar System, Stuart Eves tours the solar system, covering the evolution of the stars and planets and describing some of the mysteries that we have yet to solve.

Ri Podcasts

What is time? Does time exist? If it does, is it linear?

Carlo Rovelli has made space and time into his life's work and talks about the physics, the philosophy and the emotional experience of time in our latest Ri Science Podcast.


If you ever wondered what it's like to work with us in the digital team at the Ri, you might enjoy the write up by our former intern Matt on what he got up to during his three months here in his break from his butterfly genetics PhD.

We also caught up with another couple of our talented alumni, animators Andrew Khosravani and Rosanna Wan, to see what they have been up to since leaving the Ri.

We also got bitten by the puzzle bug last month, so we made a puzzle especially for Valentine's day about roses. We also shared some of our favourite science-y Valentines.

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