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Sarah Dick catches up on work from our two former resident animators, Andrew Khosravani and Rosanna Wan.

Some science stories are best explored through the art of animation. Our year-long Animator-in-Residence scheme allows us the chance to tackle some of these more abstract concepts, and provides a platform for early-career animators to hone their craft.

Moon Panda's Rabbit video

We were delighted to recently see our two previous Animators-in-Residence, Andrew Khosravani and Rosanna Wan, team up to produce a music video for Moon Panda’s Rabbit. It’s a funky and gorgeous watch, and was awarded Vimeo's Staff Pick.

Moon Panda - Rabbit (Official Music Video) from Andrew Khosravani on Vimeo.

Andrew says

'It's my favourite animation at the moment for many different reasons. One being that I had the opportunity to work with Rosanna and I love her work so it's great to see her style and animation in the video.

I have always wanted to do a music video but in general avoided taking them on because usually the people and bands that approached I didn’t think would suit my style. However the Moon Panda track is a great, trippy psychedelic tune that leaves a lot of room to explore visually.'

Dance, Dance Evolution

Andrew and Rosanna's paths didn’t cross at the Ri, as they were our resident animators in two consecutive years. But they’ve been making up for lost time, as they have since collaborated on not one, but two animations.

Andrew and Rosanna's second animation collaboration focusses on dance, and why something so seemingly frivolous brings together people from across the world. From the sociology of dance, to the psychology and neuroscience, this video got us all tapping our feet and nodding our heads in the Ri offices.

Freud vs Jung

Back to a more sciencey theme, check out this animation that Andrew created for Aeon. It charts the bizarre relationship of frenemies Freud and Jung.

The mentor-mentee vibe of the founding psychoanalysts soured when Jung suggested Freud think of him like a son. Given that Freud proposed the Oedipus complex, which says that sons have an unconscious urge to overthrow their fathers, you can see why this was problematic.

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A Bolt of Lightening

We also loved the abstract style of Rosanna's recent animation for Massive Science, produced to celebrate 200 years since the birth of Frankenstein's monster. The film explores the neuroscience and cellular biology behind consciousness and behaviour.

A Spark of Consciousness // Reanimation! Science Stories about Frankenstein EP3 from MassiveSci on Vimeo.

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