Preparing for the Ri to go on tour in 2019

As the Ri is soon to take the CHRISTMAS LECTURES on tour, preparations are being made ahead of the big day.

  • An image of a bright and vibrant Singapore night market

    Singapore night market

    Credit: Pete Gallivan/ Ri

In my last blog, I looked back at our 2018 International tour, where we took Sophie Scott and her CHRISTMAS LECTURES on the road. Somehow, almost a year has passed since then, and so we are now putting the final preparations in place to take the 2018 ‘Who am I?’ Lectures abroad.

Our programme of international work once again continues to grow, and this year over an action-packed fortnight in September we are going to be visiting Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We are bringing not just the CHRISTMAS LECTURES, but also smaller schools lectures, and workshops for teachers and university research staff.

To help us out in delivering such a busy programme of activities, we are very excited to announce we are going on tour with not one, not even two, but a grand total of three brilliant scientists. Enter our friends Adam Rutherford, Giles Yeo and Turi King.

Adam Rutherford is a science writer and broadcaster, who has presented a wealth of TV and radio programmes. He will be heading up our trip to Singapore, where his lecture will be filmed and broadcasted on Singaporean state television. In Singapore we are also bringing out our Science in Schools team to present as part of Singapore Science Festival. Our work in Singapore is supported by A*STAR.

Turi King is an archaeo-geneticist working at the University of Leicester, and who is best known for her work on the DNA analysis identifying King Richard III. Turi will lead the team in Tokyo, presenting a series of lectures at Tokyo Institute of Technology, with the support of the Yomiuri Shimbun. This will be the 29th year we have brought lectures to Japan.

  • Photo of Charles Taylor playing a musical instrument that has Japanese writing on it

    Booklet from the first CHRISTMAS LECTURES in Japan, 1990

Giles Yeo is a geneticist at the University of Cambridge, whose work focusses on the genetics of obesity. He is also a regular face on television in shows like Trust me I’m a Doctor. Giles will be fronting the lectures in Hong Kong, where we visit Kellett School, the British International School in Hong Kong. Giles will also be appearing at Café Scientifique Hong Kong.

All of this makes for a very busy summer for the CHRISTMAS LECTURES team, but we are super excited to be bringing three of our favourite scientists with us all around the world. With departure day fast approaching, all hands are on deck to get things ready. Rehearsals are happening next week, and we are frantically building the last few props needed. Make sure you keep an eye on our twitter feed for any updates.  

  • The audience for the Ri's lecture in Japan playing with balloons

    The Ri in Japan

    Credit: Pete Gallivan/ Ri

The Ri, and the CHRISTMAS LECTURES in particular, are world famous, and so we are excited to be able to travel far and wide to give as many people as possible the chance to experience exciting, engaging and sometimes explosive science. Working abroad offers an invaluable opportunity to showcase the international collaboration at the heart of scientific progress. It is only through scientists from different countries working together that we as an international community will be able to face the big challenges ahead.

And of course, the Ri couldn’t do this work without our community of supporters, including LRF, the Genetics Society and UKRI.


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