What Ed Prosser, our former Video Producer, did next

In the second blog post of this short series, Sarah Dick, our Multimedia Producer, catches up with what Ed Prosser, our previous Video Producer, has been up to since leaving the Ri.

Call us biased, but we’re continuously blown away by the quality of the films, animations and multimedia gems produced by former members of the Ri digital parish.

We’re so proud of our old friends that we’ve been putting together a retrospective of their work, and next-up in the series is Ed Prosser, our former Video Producer.

Ed's now making content for the Southbank Centre, as well as working on various other freelance projects. We've picked out a few of our favourites below.

Praying mantis: the ultimate predator

Whilst at the Ri, Ed made many films with Dr Tim Cockerill on topics as varied as fire breathing and leeches. They recently teamed up again to produce a film for the Royal Entomological Society.

We always thought mantises were quite jaunty and cute, but the super close-up shots Ed captured of their powerful, razor sharp limbs, prove they are fearsome predators that are not to be trifled with.

Blood, rats and anticoagulants: the story of warfarin

From rat poison to one of the world's most widely prescribed drugs to treat heart disease, deep vein thrombosis and strokes, warfarin has a chequered past and an interesting origin story.

In this beautiful animation that Ed produced and narrated for Nature, he tells the tale of how a chance meeting between an aggrieved dairy farmer and a determined biochemist led to the development of warfarin

Experience Composite

For something a little more surreal, watch Ed's short film Experience Composite. The short film was produced for Aeon in association with the Wellcome Collection, and draws inspiration from psychologist Russell Hurlburt's process of 'descriptive experience sampling' (DES).

DES is a bit like those bleep tests your school P.E. teacher made you do, but instead of sprinting every time you hear a bleep, you write a detailed description of whatever small thing you are experiencing. Be it tapping away at your keyboard or mulling over a specific word in your mind, we love the way Ed visualises these sensations.

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