Astrology lectures at the Ri? Not quite... Happy April Fools!

This was just a seasonal ruse! Don't worry,
Professor Michael de Crespigny is not delivering lectures on ‘Decoding the stars: A new look on astrology’!

About Michael de Crespigny

Michael de Crespigny is Professor of Planetary Research and Engroupings at the University of Pimlico, and Chair of the Interplanetary Harmony Committee. He is a lecturer in cosmic connectivity, and his research group specialises in experimental proofs of celestial motion and its relation to human and animal life on Earth.

Michael read Natural Sciences at Uxbridge University, before completing his PhD in quantum pigeonholing. In the past he has worked with research groups and key figures from NASA, CERN and CBBC to search for testable explanations for the way the stars predict his life.


Professor Michael de Crespigny has been selected by the Royal Institution to present the 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES as part of a bold year-long campaign to open up the scientific debate on astrology. Michael’s pioneering but little-known research has helped move this field into a legitimate area of scientific study in recent years, and his series will be the first to focus on astrology in the 200-year history of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

Recent advances in high-performance computing, big data analytics and machine learning have allowed researchers in the field of astrology to interpret and use data in new and exciting ways. As a result, astrology is now able to secure its rightful place among the sciences providing the Royal Institution with a timely opportunity to re-evaluate the power of astrology in our everyday lives through the CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

‘Decoding the stars: A new look on astrology’ will leave behind the murky misconceptions of the subject to shine a new light on the rigorous science behind modern astrology, using the motions of the cosmos to inform about phenomena in our daily lives. With practical demonstrations and real-time data, the symphony of the stars will be visualised for all to see, the web of galactic forces will be laid clear, and the science of the skies demystified.

Cassian Harrison, Channel Editor, BBC Four said that: 'The Ri has always been one of our nation's finest advocates of the scientific method, and I'm delighted at their choice of subject for this year's Lectures.'

Michael said, 'It’s a great privilege to be chosen as this year’s Christmas Lecturer. To speak on the same stage as great thinkers of the stars such as Carl Sagan and David Bowman is a vision come true. My scientific career has taken some unusual turns, and for my journey of discovery to culminate in a series of CHRISTMAS LECTURES is great news for astrology. Of course, while we had projected that a great opportunity was coming my way, the planetary particle detectors are not yet precise enough to predict that I would be asked to give these Lectures in particular. Now that I’ve been given this chance, I can’t wait to explore the ways in which we can demonstrate the connections between orbital spaces with the people of the UK. I hope we can inspire a generation of future scientists to think, and importantly feel, more deeply about the universe.'

Gail Cardew, Professor of Science, Culture and Society at the Royal Institution said, 'The CHRISTMAS LECTURES have always pushed boundaries. Michael Faraday’s lectures revealed the unseen magnetic fields that surround us in the 19th century; In 1903 Olaf Priol discovered and demonstrated the existence of radio atoms in the Royal Institution theatre; and we are honoured that this year Michael de Crespigny is going to continue this tradition, explaining to a whole new generation the hidden forces that guide their lives.'

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES ticket ballot will open in September 2016 and will be open to all Ri Members and UK registered schools.The 2016 CHRISTMAS LECTURES are produced by Windfall Films for BBC FOUR.