Sir Roland Jackson

Elected Trustee – April 2019

  • Sir Roland Jackson

    Credit: Sir Roland Jackson


Roland is a biochemist by background, with extensive experience in public involvement in policy issues relating to science and technology, in bioethics, and in the history of science.

He is currently a Visiting Fellow of the Royal Institution, and has written a major biography of John Tyndall, one of the Ri’s most significant figures. He is a general editor of the Tyndall Correspondence, being published in 20 volumes. He has worked frequently with the Royal Institution over many years, particularly in his previous roles as Head of Learning and then Head of Museum at the Science Museum, and as Chief Executive of the British Science Association.

Roland has a strong commitment to public involvement in science and technology, and in encouraging informed dialogue between the public, scientists, and those who make decisions about the funding, direction, and policy implications of science and technology.

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